d_kishkinev (d_kishkinev) wrote,

Впервые в жизни получил такое письмо

Dear Dr. Kishkinev,
This is XXX from Pain Management Center of Tongji Medical College (HUST), China, I am writing to you for the possibility of seeking a Postdoctoral position in your prestigious lab. I have finished a postdoctoral fellowship in ................ My research interests focus on immune and nervous systems in pain.
I obtained PhD degree in xxx. Having been trained in biomedical research for years, I have managed research expertise including fluorescence microscopy and immunohistochemistry, behavioral assessments, PCR, RT-PCR and protein assays such as ELISAs, western blot, cell culture. During the stay as a postdoctoral fellow in HUST, our project focused on the research of postherpetic neuralgia from clinic, preclinical animal models to VZV protein function. The research identified an unconventional bipartite NLS 130RKHRDRSLSNRRRRP144 in VZV ORF4 protein and demonstrated that VZV ORF4 was imported into nucleus by Importin-α5 and Importin-1 not importin-2 via Ran-dependent pathway.


И тут я читать перестал.
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