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R for Research, Python for Production

Конечно рекламная статья, но хорошо показывает сильные и слабые стороны R vs Python.


R Overall

R is really something special when doing research because of the tidyverse, which streamlines data wrangling and visualization.

Why is Python Great?

Python is amazing too, but for different reasons. Let’s take a Python Package like OpenCV - for Computer Vision.
Python Overall

If you can get over the Pandas learning curve, then Python becomes a great tool. Most IT teams know Python, so your code will fit right into their workflow.

Which Language Should You Learn?

The decision can be challenging because they both Python and R have clear strengths.

  1.    R is exceptional for Research - Making visualizations, telling the story, producing reports, and making MVP apps with Shiny. From concept (idea) to execution (code), R users tend to be able to accomplish these tasks 3X to 5X faster than Python users, making them very productive for research.

  2.    Python is exceptional for Production ML - Integrating machine learning models into production systems where your IT infrastructure relies on automation tools like Airflow or Luigi.

Tags: python, r programming

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